Our approach to customer journey

Every successful business cooperation needs to start somewhere and somehow by one of the partners initiating the first interaction. In our software house setup, the new business team plays the leading role in assisting the customers on their journey with their inquiries. Our team responds to the queries incoming from various marketing channels as well as actively reaches out to interesting companies to whom our tech stack and expertise could bring extra value.

Discovery call

Having a brief idea on what the customer’s project is about, our team starts exploring the cooperation potential from more detailed discovery call. Usually, we would love to know how your current engineering setup looks like, what do you struggle with, what bottlenecks do you identify with your product development, what plans and deadlines do you have with your development pipeline, etc. to have a better understanding how we could address your needs.

Defining needs

Addressing the needs starts with defining and articulating them clearly. Sometimes our clients know exactly what they look for while other time we need to suggest the solution and ideal cooperation model by assessing the current state. In some cases, we begin with a short consulting assignment before moving on to a full-scope project engagement. 

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Project kick off

To have a 360 degrees project view, it is crucial to let the project team members get to know each other and discuss the desired model of work, methodology, communication method, roles and responsibilities. Most often our partners in those discussions are CTOs, Engineering Managers or CPOs who drive the product development pipeline. Once we reach clarity on all major subjects, we are ready to start lining up the project team.

Contract signing

Having all major points agreed, we finalise the arrangements with signing a contract and NDA(which we sometimes also sign at the early stage of contact if necessary or upon customer request). The framework for the contract is described in our detailed general terms and conditions document that is always reviewed by the client prior to engineering works launch. 

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Dev phase

Our engineering team enjoys being challenged with difficult tasks and prove them deliverable in style. For the beginning of every successful long term cooperation, we always aim to prove our standards and quality of work with the trial projects. Usually, we establish certain milestones and benchmarks at the project launch that are reviewed with the client’s team along the way as checkpoints. It leads us smoothly to the summary of the project that is a validation of our engagement before the framework of long term agreement takes shape. 

Summary and long term agreement

Summarising the project we evaluate together with the client the key metrics established at the beginning of development phase. Quality review, team’s efficiency, estimated time and budget alignment are all important to verify before diving deep into the long term cooperation. We love hearing positive feedback from our clients and giving them a chance to taste our style of work before we join forces for the long term successful cooperation. 

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