Is Berlin becoming a new Europe’s Silicon Valley for tech startups? :)

Everything indicates that we are witnessing a revolution on the startup market in Europe. The dynamically growing market in Berlin is becoming a leader among tech startups. Until now, this title was awarded to London, but currently the capital of Germany is increasingly recognised as the new Europe’s Silicon Valley.

Brexit effects

When the British decided to leave the European Union, the attractiveness of the startup market in London began to lose value. Of course, this is still a place where you can find many innovative companies, but my recent experience confirms that Berlin is considered to be a European leader now. I want to emphasise that this is not an isolated opinion. Having been observing the startup market for over 10 years, I’ve managed to keep in touch with entrepreneurs of various directions and I’ve received clear signals that Berlin is currently the best place in Europe for the development of tech startups.

Comfortable development conditions

There are three main reasons, why Berlin strikes as a very attractive market. It is about the relatively low costs associated with running a business in this city, access to qualified specialists and contacts with other European Union countries. It all adds up to a very attractive ecosystem that favours the development of tech startups.

Being completely honest, I must say that I am impressed by the work standards that prevail among startups in Berlin. Recently, I’ve been quite often in this city, when together with the developers of Codest, we were working on creating software for few of our clients. I was delighted with the quality of work, efficiency in communication and their professionalism.

Returning to the ecosystem for the development of startups in Berlin, I would like to draw your attention to another important fact. I mean the low barrier to start a business. You might be surprised, but takes less than 7 days to launch a startup. In addition, there are many incentives available for entrepreneurs who can benefit, for example, from the support of numerous incubators or accelerators. A big plus is even low prices for an office space rent. It all adds to the progress of this market.

New Europe’s Silicon Valley

Considering what has been mentioned above, I am convinced that Berlin is currently the most attractive market for tech startups. This is a new Europe’s Silicon Valley. Of course, it is difficult to compete with the American one, but Berlin is a great example of how you can develop the tech company in Europe. The best confirmation of this is the fact that currently there are over 2,500 startups in the German capital. Quite an impressive result.

Top 10 German tech events in Q1 2019 :)

Have you ever heard the statement that Berlin is considered to be a new European Silicon Valley? German market with its capital at the forefront is developing very dynamically. It is an attractive place to operate companies and corporations as well as to invest into.

In Germany you can find a lot of interesting tech events that will let you stay up to date with all the latest news in the industry. A few of them promise to be really interesting. Below is a list of the most important events in 2019 (only Q1).

#1 WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019 – Berlin, January 6-7

IT leaders and specialists from around the world take part in it. The topics discussed include languages and frameworks, distributed systems, fronted and UX engineering, blockchain and issues related to IT project management.

#2 Sillicon Allee Events – Berlin, January 8, February 5, March 5

In the first quarter there are three meetups, organized periodically each month. The community connected with the tech startups in Berlin is taking part, which means that experience exchange, sharing knowledge and gaining valuable contacts are guaranteed.

#3 Handelsblatt Annual Conference Strategic IT Management – Munich, January 21-23

Digital transformation is the main topic of the conference. It’s a good place to acquire new knowledge in IT Management. The event is organized by EUROFORUM.

#4 LZ Open – Berlin, January 23-24

Like the conference in Munich, LZ Open in Berlin is all about digital transformation. In addition, you can gain useful knowledge of current technological trends and learn about effective business models that have revolutionized the market.

#5 Lean Startup Summit – Berlin, February 11-12

This event gathers experts, founders and intrapreneurs and C-level leaders in one place to exchange the latest innovation and transformation methods, share best practices and learn from each other in interactive formats like keynotes, workshops, roundtable discussions and mentoring sessions.

#6 International Conference on Science, Engineering&Technology – Munich, February 3-4

The purpose of this conference is to help exchange information and knowledge between various social groups, such as entrepreneurs, engineers, university lecturers and students. The most current technological trends are the high priority of the conference.

#7 Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Minds – Berlin, February 24-26

Here you will meet over 200 managers responsible in their companies for Research and Development (R&D). You will have an opportunity to take part in a discussion about technological innovations and challenges related to the IT industry.

#8 JavaScript Days – Munich, March 18-21

The event is conducted by experts in the field of JavaScript and HTML5. They will provide their views on how to plan JavaScript and HTML5 applications in the most optimal way and present the strengths and weaknesses of both technologies.

#9 IT&Information Management – Berlin, March 25-26

Strategies and processes, business realities in digital ecosystems, business models of the future, digital realignment and roadmaps – these are just a few examples of the topics that will be discussed during the conference in Berlin. You will have a unique opportunity to meet experienced managers related to the IT market.

#10 Mobile tech Conference – Munich,  March 26-27

This event is addressed to the leaders in mobile technology industry from German-speaking countries. It focuses on topics related to the development of iOS and Android, mobile web and UX experience.

The ultimate guide to tech events in the US (1st quarter 2019) :)

Quite recently, we have presented the most important events in CEE in the 1st quarter of 2019. Now it the high time to take a closer look at the most attractive events in the US. There are really many of them, which is why we decided to choose a few of the most interesting ones.

PCMA Convening Leaders – Pittsburgh, January 6

The conference is aimed for those, who are responsible for business development on a daily basis. This event shares a unique knowledge in the field of building business strategy.

AdExchanger’s Industry Preview – New York, January 23

Marketing activities increase the brand’s recognition and build the company’s image. That is why this 2-day event is an excellent opportunity to learn about the good practices and trends that await us in the marketing world in 2019.

Uprfront Summit – Malibu, January 30

Here you will meet over a thousand of companies from various sectors, corporate managers and venture capital investors. All the major issues facing the technology, media, press and cultural industries are the theme of the meeting.

Microsoft Ignite – Washington, February 4

During this conference you will have an opportunity to learn the latest tools and cloud technologies. You will get practical information and advice on the best ways to develop your organization.

App Growth Summit LA 2019 – Los Angeles, February 7

Both startups and global companies are the participants of this event. Presentations, workshops and discussion panels conducted by experts will provide practical knowledge in the field of App Growth.

Startup Grind Global Conference – Redwood,  February 12

We highly recommend startups to take part in this conference. Here you will be able to meet investors, leaders and global directors. Getting acquainted with them will give you a chance to obtain real knowledge on your business development.

R&D Innovation Summit – Chicago, March 4

A conference that focuses on aspects related to business development. There you will find industry leaders who are going to share their knowledge and experience. If you are thinking about the development of R&D in your company, this event is worth considering.

Machine Learning Summit – Seattle, March 5

Recently, the role of Machine Learning has significantly grown. This event is dedicated to people, who want to deepen this topic and learn about the broad possibilities associated with machine learning. One of the speakers will be Dan Mo, a Global Technology Program Leader in Starbucks.

GPU Technology Conference – San Jose, March 18

Developers, researchers and people associated with the technology industry in the largest global companies take part in this event. In addition to them, you will meet representatives of universities and government organizations. Their presence will allow you to learn the most important topics related to data processing, though, it is promised that the conference will cover a larger range of themes. You can be sure that is going to be a really high-quality conference.

Recruitment in software houses. Why is so crucial? :)

The IT industry is a very specific market in case of the employees’ recruitment. The process of acquiring a qualified programmer is not an easy one due to a relatively small number of the possible candidates and high demands they set to a potential employer.

The ability to find and then employ such an employee is extremely important from the perspective of a software house. This task is most often addressed to HR departments, which must demonstrate high effectiveness of their activities. Why is this process so crucial? The answer you will find below.

Recruitment in software houses is the basis to maintain and develop a business

If a software house has qualified developers, who demonstrate not only high technical skills, but also experience and soft skills, then you can talk about a complete and professional team. Such programmers are able not only to fulfill their tasks without any complaints, they can also provide the company with an opportunity to develop and acquire new projects.

In this case, the HR department plays an important role, which must meet the demands of both parties – developers and a software house. They should strive to hire a qualified employee, but also a committed one. At the recruitment stage, in addition to technical skills it is important to verify the candidate’s approach to working in a team or international environment.

Maintaining competent employees is the basis for an effective project implementation

In order to provide customers with the highest quality products, it is necessary to guarantee a team of developers, who understand the needs of the product and know how to develop it. In this way, you can be sure of the project and its results. It can be said that this is the basis of building trustworthiness and trust among partners. A well-created product – in line with the expectations of the other party – is also the most credible recommendation and the possibility of continuing cooperation.

Knowledge exchange

The smooth recruitment process ensures constant provision of necessary knowledge and its supplementation. The IT industry is changing dynamically, so developers must keep up to date with all the latest news. Complex teams of programmers, who complement each other with knowledge, is an effective method to guarantee high quality services.

How does it look in practice? A newly recruited member of a team can develop at the beginning of work under the guidance of more experienced employees and acquire the necessary knowledge. On the other hand, such person can bring a new perspective and innovative solutions to the team.


The approaching end of the year is a good time to plan your activity for the upcoming 2019. There will be no shortage of interesting events related to the IT industry and they are definitely worth participating in. We have checked the ultimate events in both Central and East Europe and written a special guide for you. In our calendar you will find the tech events taking place in the first quarter of 2019.

January, 28th Barcelona – Cisco Live

Events organized by Cisco are related to the personal and professional development of the participants. In Barcelona, topics related to the future of a complex and intuitive IT system will be discussed.

January, 28th Paris – dotSwift

The organizers invite the best and brightest hackers in the ever-expanding Swift community to explore new horizons, which guarantees it to be the bee’s knees event. Among the speakers the representatives of Microsoft or IBM are included. Being the experts with a diverse experience, they will provide the participants with the extended knowledge related to the IT market and not only.

February, 2nd Berlin – Lean Startup Summit Europe

Have you ever heard about Eric Ries? If not, you should check out this American entrepreneur who is the author of The Lean Startup. A conference in Berlin is a great offer for all the startups that can gain invaluable knowledge and experience in the field of agile business management and organization development.

February, 25th Barcelona – Mobile World Congress

The world’s mobile phone industry largest meeting. Various presentations of telephones and new technologies will take place. Mobile World Congress has been organized every year since 1987.

February, 26th Manchester – SqlBits

The largest conference in Europe devoted to people involved in data management. Experts in this field share the latest knowledge, novelties and good practices.

March, 11th Munich – JS Kongress 2019

During this event you will learn the role of Java Script in the development of a modern software. Experts and specialists of this programming language will have an opportunity to learn more about its broad possibilities.

March, 12th Vienna – Open Text Enterprise World 2019 Vienna

A two-day conference devoted to ways and solutions that can help to found an intelligent and developmental enterprise. An ideal event for the CEO and CTO, who can exchange their business knowledge with each other.


Surely you’ve heard about podcast many times. If you do not know exactly, what it is and how it works properly – we are here to explain. Well, it is nothing else than the form of an online audio or film publication. Podcasts are most often take a form of regular episodes in which the authors raise various topics.Is it worth it? Definitely yes! Podcasts are above all an unlimited source of knowledge. You can listen to them and watch, while being busy with another activity, saving time in this way. The advantage of podcasts is also the fact that you can find a lot of them on the internet. Depending on the topic you are interested in, you will surely find something tailored to you and your interests.The choice will certainly not be easy, but we decided to present our Top 5 tech podcasts to listen, which we highly recommend to get acknowledged with. So, here is the list.

Accidental Tech Podcast

A real shawl for all the fans of programming and new technologies. You will find here the most interesting information related to programming languages, the latest information about new products on the market and industry news. Its creators have already crossed the number of 300 episodes.


In this podcast Dan Moren and Mikaha Sargent talk about current technological novelties and raise their most important problems. The sections do not lack in special guests – the experts. The advantage of this podcast is the duration of the episodes – none last longer than 30 minutes.


In this particular podcast you will hear about digital devices and learn how they affect and change our lives. You do not need to be programmers or know technologies perfectly. The authors try to make their podcast accessible and understandable for everyone.


Conversations with geeks is what you will find in this podcast. The authors care about the diversity of programs. There is no shortage of specialist knowledge and current news, as well as movies, games and a good dose of humor. In November, the podcast has exceeded the number of 200 episodes.

Mac Power Users

And, finally, we have chosen something for the Apple fans. You will be up to date with everything related to this brand and learn the ways to use the technology offered by Apple, so you will have the chance to become a real expert in the field. It guarantees over 450 episodes.