Customers often have to decide, in which programming language they would like their product to be created. Ruby and PHP are on of the most common dilemma. Inspire of PHP’s former popularity, recently more and more customers are reporting their need to create products using Ruby and its popular Ruby on Rails framework.

In Codest we had the opportunity to cooperate with many clients that require proper arguments, why the programming language offered by the software house will be a good choice for their productQuite often the dilemma concerns Ruby and PHP. We exactly know that PHP is better known for most people. However, the market trend is different. Ruby has many of strengths that customers and developers appreciate. It is not without reason that such services as Twitter, Basecamp or AirBnB have been created in this language.

Ruby is ideally suited for the development of web applications. Its advantage is that it provides many libraries and high quality frameworks that improve the developer’s comfort. The process of building a web application is relatively faster in Ruby than in PHP. The first functionalities of the application can be obtained in a relatively low time. The most commonly used is the Ruby on Rails framework, which has gained great popularity with programmers.

Therefore, if time is a matter of value for a client, Ruby will be a good choice for them due to its time efficiency. At the very same time, there is no fear of any quality lost as the applications created in Ruby on Rails are of high quality and performance. Ruby is appreciated by developers for its brevity and the ease of introducing corrections and upgrades. This helps a lot at the later stages of work.

Obviously, PHP also has its supporters. There are more programmers on the market that have competencies in this area. Ruby creates a bigger barrier for entry for novice developers. The market trend shows, however, that more and more beginners in programming are deciding to learn this language by seeing more possibilities in it. A similar relationship can be shown with the customers, who want to create a web application and turn to the software houses that specialize in Ruby.

Is Berlin becoming a new Europe’s Silicon Valley for tech startups? :)

Everything indicates that we are witnessing a revolution on the startup market in Europe. The dynamically growing market in Berlin is becoming a leader among tech startups. Until now, this title was awarded to London, but currently the capital of Germany is increasingly recognised as the new Europe’s Silicon Valley.

Brexit effects

When the British decided to leave the European Union, the attractiveness of the startup market in London began to lose value. Of course, this is still a place where you can find many innovative companies, but my recent experience confirms that Berlin is considered to be a European leader now. I want to emphasise that this is not an isolated opinion. Having been observing the startup market for over 10 years, I’ve managed to keep in touch with entrepreneurs of various directions and I’ve received clear signals that Berlin is currently the best place in Europe for the development of tech startups.

Comfortable development conditions

There are three main reasons, why Berlin strikes as a very attractive market. It is about the relatively low costs associated with running a business in this city, access to qualified specialists and contacts with other European Union countries. It all adds up to a very attractive ecosystem that favours the development of tech startups.

Being completely honest, I must say that I am impressed by the work standards that prevail among startups in Berlin. Recently, I’ve been quite often in this city, when together with the developers of Codest, we were working on creating software for few of our clients. I was delighted with the quality of work, efficiency in communication and their professionalism.

Returning to the ecosystem for the development of startups in Berlin, I would like to draw your attention to another important fact. I mean the low barrier to start a business. You might be surprised, but takes less than 7 days to launch a startup. In addition, there are many incentives available for entrepreneurs who can benefit, for example, from the support of numerous incubators or accelerators. A big plus is even low prices for an office space rent. It all adds to the progress of this market.

New Europe’s Silicon Valley

Considering what has been mentioned above, I am convinced that Berlin is currently the most attractive market for tech startups. This is a new Europe’s Silicon Valley. Of course, it is difficult to compete with the American one, but Berlin is a great example of how you can develop the tech company in Europe. The best confirmation of this is the fact that currently there are over 2,500 startups in the German capital. Quite an impressive result.

Why Poland is full of qualified Ruby on Rails developers? :)

We have no doubt that Poland is currently one of the most attractive markets in the world, where you can find qualified Ruby on Rails developers. Cooperating with clients every day, we are looking at this trend with quite an interest.  Polish developers are praised not only for their knowledge of this framework, but also for high standards of cooperation.

More and more geeks of RoR

The IT market is struggling around the world with the problem of demand exceeding supply with qualified specialists. Experienced and effective developers are constantly sought after. However in Poland there are quite a lot of them. We have noticed that more and more people are deciding to learn Ruby and its popular Ruby on Rails framework as they see it as a great prospect of development. The exchange of knowledge also comes in handy. The Ruby on Rails geeks community is extensive and appears to be a huge asset of this framework. This comes as quite helpful for developers, primarily when they need to solve a problem.

In addition, the high competences of Polish Ruby programmers should be appreciated. They receive job offers from foreign companies a lot, but a really good situation on the Polish market makes them reluctant to go. In Poland, Ruby developers are truly appreciated. Companies guarantee high earnings and very good working conditions.


The quality of products created with Ruby on Rails by Polish developers is appreciated all over the world. It is said that RoR programmers in Poland are one of the most developed groups with very high competence and the reasons seem quite obvious. They can combine the capabilities of the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework, creating products based on such features as efficiency, functionality, time efficiency, application width and security. We must also add that Ruby on Rails is probably the best language that allows you to create a product based on MVP (Minimum Value Product) in a very short time. This is a very common solution used by many companies that regularly check and verify the value of their product on the market.

Poland is a great place for outsourcing

Not only the high skills and a wide range of Ruby on Rails developers decide that Poland is perceived as a very good place to outsource. There are also many other benefits, such as cost savings, the ability to cooperate with a customer or ever-growing market. In particular, the first two factors are really crucial from the partner’s perspective. Not only that by creating a product in Ruby on Rails you can be sure of quality and speed, but also software houses in Poland offer very good prices – much lower than in other countries of Western Europe.

Finally, we would like to draw attention to yet another important element – communication. An effective team of developers must be able to communicate effectively with the client to understand their needs and, as a result, create a product that coincides with the expectations. In fact, this is not a simple process at all. That is why it is so important for a software house to have effective cooperation rules, which are best, if confirmed by the recommendations of previous clients.

What should you know about Ruby on Rails? :)

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the most popular framework of the Ruby’s programming language. It is mostly used to create web applications. The fact that applications such as Twitter, Basecamp and Groupon have been created on its basis were already written here. In this article, we will try to bring its most characteristic features closer.


RoR is an open source framework based on databases according to the MVC (Model-View- Controller) pattern. Developers, who use it on an everyday basis praise its simplicity. In fact, the database and the web server are more than enough to run an application. Thanks to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) rule, developers avoid repeating the same work at various stages of an application development and thus significantly accelerate their work. One shouldn’t forget another important method – Convention over Configuration. It assumes that the necessary configuration will be minimized by replacing it with ready-made models.

In addition, you need to return the ease of an application development. Thanks to the appropriate plugins, it can be extended very quickly with any additional functionalities. The great advantage of applications created in Ruby on Rails is also the fact that they are very efficient and safe.

Short way to MVP

Many companies decide to implement their product on the market, which is based on MVP (Minimum Value Product). It is a popular and effective method of checking the product’s potential on the market and improving it later in case it is needed. In this process, RoR is perfectly located. This framework allows very fast creation of a basic product containing the most important functionalities that a customer can verify on the market. In this way you can save time and thanks to good cooperation with developers, you can modify the product without any problems.


In the developers’ environment, that use Ruby on Rails on a daily basis, the framework is considered to be designed for the development of web applications. It is used by the largest brands, but also smaller companies that rely on e-commerce sales, create online communities or manage different content. From the point of view of a customer who is interested in creating a product, the credibility of specific software is very important. In the case of RoR, this is a factor determining its popularity. The success of Twitter or Basecamp would not be possible without the reliability and comprehensiveness of the created software.


Although such languages as Java, Python or C ++ are still keep the leading positions among programmers, Ruby is growing very dynamically and is gaining new supporters. In 2018 it has got in the top ten of the most popular programming languages in the world.

One of the youngest languages

Ruby is well known in the developer’s community, but relatively less by those who do not have any contact with programming on a daily basis. The reason is that Ruby is one of the youngest languages. Despite this, it is estimated to be actively used by more than 10% of the programmers around the world. One cannot deny the impression that its popularity is constantly growing. In 2018, Ruby has been included to the group of the highest-paid programming languages.

Effective and functional

Ruby owes its publicity to such brands as Twitter, Basecamp, Shopify and Github. It is thanks to this language and its well-known Ruby on Rails framework that these applications were created. This is an example confirming its effectiveness. In the development environment, the language is appreciated for flexibility and a relatively low entry threshold. This means that a novice developer can quickly acquire skills that will allow to create the first products. An additional advantage is the fact that it is generally available (free), and is used in all operating systems – Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

Ruby is often used to create web applications that have been noticeably in demand over the recent years. Thanks to the Ruby on Rails framework, you can make a product on the basis of MVP (Minimum Value Product) in a relatively short time. It is about building a product with basic functionalities that allow the customer to verify its market potential. In this way, Ruby opens up the possibility of creating practical functionalities and works well in the implementation of more complex projects.

Our predictions

Currently, there are more than 50,000 vacancies in Polish IT market and this problem affects up to 2 million vacant jobs around the world. Therefore, one should expect further development of the IT industry, and with it – programming languages. Ruby should do well in the competition as it is supported by high quality and effectiveness of implemented projects.

In turn, new developers will appear on the employee market, whose skills will be highly rewarded. Of course, it’s hard to expect that Ruby would be able to become more popular than Java or Python in a short period of time, but we must emphasize the clear upward trend in Ruby. In addition, customer satisfaction works for its benefit and this seems to be the best advertisement.



More and more the Ruby on Rails framework is being used by the largest brands to create their web applications. Thanks to the automation of many activities, it facilitates the work of developers, who can create a completed product in a short time. Many web applications have already been created in Ruby on Rails and we are presenting some of the most popular ones.


The Twitter social network service is the Ruby on Rails’ largest showcase. Its founder, Jack Dorsey, decided to turn to this framework, as it could quickly create a functional product. He argued his choice by saying that the programmers found Ruby on Rails pretty handy to work with. In addition, during the work, the resulting service could be easily supplemented with any additional functionalities. Therefore, Dorsey emphasized the many advantages of the Ruby language, which you can also read about here.


Another service that has been a huge success. Created in the USA, it is used to book apartments and flats. To prepare the portal, e-mail templates, payment system and many other functionalities the Ruby on Rail framework was used.


It was founded in 2008 in Chicago. The portal is used to purchase local services, travel and products. In this case, Ruby on Rails proved to be a great solution for a quick creation of a functional application that can be easily developed.


Website designed for programming projects with enjoying great popularity. It was created in 2008 with the Ruby on Rails framework and the Erlang language. In 2018, Github has been taken over by Microsoft.


This tool enables a simple and remote project management. Its biggest advantage is the ability to manage multiple projects from one administration panel. It works great in running smaller businesses, but is also popular among managers dealing with complex projects.


Slideshare is a place on the web, where you can share multimedia presentations, documents, graphics and video. Launched as a LinkedIn website tool, it has gained a very high popularity among users. Slideshare supports, among others, marketing activities of companies. It was launched in 2006 and was created on the basis of the Ruby on Rails framework.