Quality in Codest. Why do we deny to some projects? :)

In the previous articles you could find out, why a great communication in IT project is so important. This time, we would like to talk more about our work at Codest and present our personalized approach to a quality work, which is very crucial for us. To put it in a nutshell – it’s not quantity, but high quality that counts.

Why does the quality work matter?

Our customer’s satisfaction has always been the priority. Codest has been operating for over 10 years on the IT market and at the very beginning it was decided that our work was to stand out from other companies in terms of quality and high efficiency. Nothing has changed since then and it is only due to this approach we can prove our being the best software house that is constantly developing.

The year is coming to an end and that is why we can summarize the completed projects. Once again we have managed to provide a high level of service, reflected by the opinions of our clients and great relationships maintained. They have repeatedly appreciated our approach, emphasizing, that in the case of needs related to the development of software, we will always be their first choice.

Why do we refuse from some projects?

Every month we receive several inquiries from companies that want to cooperate with us. I would like to emphasize that we do not always agree to implement a specific project. It is related to the fact that at first we analyze the availability of our developers and only then we can confirm the readiness to cooperate with a client. We are convinced that this approach puts us in a very good light in our partners’ eyes.

We will never accept a project if our developers do not have sufficient time resources. It is because we pay much attention to their work comfort. We know perfectly well that it is a good idea to organize their working time to be as efficient and effective as possible. This approach influences directly the effects of our projects. Only then we can be sure that our work will be positively evaluated.

Grow fast with high quality

That’s the motto that guides us in Codest. From the very beginning of our activity on the IT market, we have been developing dynamically, cooperating in the meantime with companies from various industries. From startups to large corporations, we want to constantly develop and be proud of successive projects that are a success. And at this point I would like to emphasize once again that the development would not be possible, if it were not for the high quality of work that is always a priority.

Codest is characterized by an individualized approach to each client who can be sure that when we carry out a project we do this with an utmost care. You can stay assured that this approach in Codest will never change.

6 skills you need to work as a Project Manager :)

A Project Manager (PM) managing IT projects plays quite an important role and requires appropriate abilities and predispositions. Competences in team management, other people’s work and striving to achieve set goals are the daily duties of a Project Manager. We decided to choose the most important features related to the role of a PM, which should be related to a person in this position.

Tech knowledge is not necessary

A Project Manager in an IT company, contrary to appearances, does not need to have any special knowledge, such as programming skills. One must know the basic issues and be capable to  understanding of how an IT project looks like. In other words – the role of a Project Manager is to understand the processes and specifics occurring in the project, without having to delve into technical details. Such knowledge is more than enough for a good Project Manager. In case any additional technical assistance is required, one can ask a developer for it.


Communication plays one of the most important roles in the project. This is the basis for the information circulation to run smoothly. As well as it lets all the participants know exactly what their task is. Communication applies to both written and oral forms. The role of a Project Manager is a consistent transmission of information and the ease of establishing contacts. Important features of personality are openness and the ability to build relationships in a team.


The more a Project Manager has the projects completed, the more their effectiveness and knowledge increases. Having experience is important because it allows you to acquire proven practices and exclude mistakes that in the past were a challenge to the project. In this case, the ability to draw conclusions allowing you to deal with further challenges is important. In addition, attention should be paid to situations related to skillful management of the crisis. During the project, an unforeseen situation may arise, which may be a threat. Among others, the past experience will be an appropriate solution to the problem.


Leadership features are another ‘must have’ for a Project Manager. In order to manage a team, you need to have authority in their eyes and, most importantly, you must take into account their opinion. Without these capabilities a Project Manager will not be effective. Authority will also help in taking difficult decisions not all team members will agree with.

Negotiation skills

In an IT project, it is not uncommon for certain decisions to be made through negotiations. In this case such skills will be useful for a Project Manager, when one wants to put the opinion on it. They may also come in handy in case of possible conflicts. A Project Manager must take care of good relations in the team, therefore must be prepared for possible negotiations.


At the end, the last but not the least. A Project Manager must be involved in a project and demonstrate an attitude that will be an example for the other team members. In this way it will be easier to influence other people and to motivate them to work.


Many companies starting cooperation with software house have big concerns related to the smooth flow of communication. The environment of developers and people working in the IT industry has a very technical knowledge and skills, which is why they can not be surprised by the clients’ doubts about transparent and understandable cooperation during the project

Our experience

In this case, the Scrum project management methodology and one of its elements – the team of developers headed by Team Leader – comes in handy. Team Leader is the one in charge for cooperation with the client and, together with the team, determines the course of project work. One of the main tasks is to make sure that the model of cooperation between the client and software house runs without any objections, and both sides are on the same wavelength.
Team Leader is a specific person who may be a part of a team of developers, but they may not be familiar with any programming language. They must have competences that allow to manage the team and control the project work. The development of IT products requires complete understanding of the client’s needs and the effective the working schedule.

Clear communication

– At Codest, we pay great attention to the quality of cooperation with our clients. Before we start the design work, we precisely define the principles of our communication, and the client can get to know a team of developers who will work on the development of their product. As a Team Leader, I make sure that all the technical issues are clear to the client. In a way, I am an information link that allows you to understand the needs of both parties – the client and developers. This greatly improves our later work – says Tomasz Szkaradek, Codest Team Leader.

The role of Team Leader in IT projects is particularly important. The development of a given product, or even a single functionality, often requires weeks of work on the developers’ part. Therefore, it is important that before the beginning of the project all work and project objectives are clearly discussed with the client, as due to this you can avoid later misunderstandings and minimize the risk of failure.

– I can say with full conviction that our existing customers have very positively assessed our workshop. I am convinced that, among the other strong points, this is the effect of a proper communication. We know exactly what our partners expect from us and we are able to communicate with them in a mutually understandable way – adds Tomasz Szkaradek.

So, is a business person necessary in a tech team? In our opinion, they definitely are. Being a very important role in any team of developers, they not only organize all design work, but also care about the high quality of communication with the client, ultimately contributing to a complete success.