InfoShare Conference. What were the interesting highlights?

From May 7th to 9th, we took part in the InfoShare Conference. This is an event dedicated to all companies working in the technologies field, from small startups to big well-established companies (mostly partners), both Polish and international. In one word - the biggest Tech Conference in CEE.

40% of startups fail due to lack of market needs. How to successful scale and keep up with a steady growth? My personal tips

Every year thousands of startups worldwide fail to scale their business. It is estimated that, over 40% of all new startups, end up failing due to lack of market needs. If you are planning a dynamic growth of your startup but you can’t implement proper plans and strategies, your mission will most likely end in failure.

Where is the best place to find developers in Europe?

I spent many hours on research and I have no doubt that Europe is one of the most popular places to look for developers. In comparison with the USA or China, they are much lower hourly rate and at the same time they are often better qualified.

EU- Startups Summit in Barcelona. Great conference with inspiring startups like a Mietwise, TransferWise and Badi

The EU - Startups Summit 2019 in Barcelona is behind us! It was an intense and busy two-days event spent in the company of the some of best and most prospering startups in Europe, founders, Business Angels, Venture Capitals and more. In total, over 1200 participants.

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. A better React Native for Windows (5)

We have another portion of the best tech articles from last week. This time, you should pay attention especially on the article about "Microsoft launches React Native for Windows". Don't wait any more time and check, what we prepared for you. Have fun reading!

The success story of the Nordic and Baltic markets. Why do we love cooperating with those companies?

Nordic and Baltic markets are rich in fast-growing companies. Many of them have great potential and willingness to go global and this is why we like to cooperate with such forward-looking talents. We share with them the same vision for business growth and having common goals is the key for successful collaboration.

Object oriented programming. That’s not how you think

With the amount of free resources, books, online classes coding bootcamps available right now everyone can learn to code. However, there’s still a quality gap between coding and software engineering. Must there be one?

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Rails 6 is coming (4)

Rails 6.0 on your mind? It’s on ours as well, as you can readily tell from this week’s selection. Not to worry though: we’ve got something for the Node.js enthusiast and the responsible front end developer as well. Check out the staff’s top picks!

How to create a MVP in two months using Ruby? A really crazy story

A short story we have experienced at Codest. Due to the fact that we specialize in the development of web applications and our main technology is Ruby, we received an inquiry from one of the companies about the possibility to cooperate in their product development. Nothing out of the ordinary. We get similar requests quite often.

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