While Codest is primarily a Ruby shop, one of the many projects we are building is in JavaScript. It is a client-side library, which runs in a pretty challenging environment.

Why do Nordics companies choose CEE for software development?

Central and Eastern Europe is an attractive direction for many companies that are looking for software development partners. The trend is quite noticeable in the Nordic countries.

What is Codest and how do we work? Let’s give an answer!

We are fans of modern technologies, our team is a bunch of real geeks, but above all we strive for development. If you're wondering, what Codest is and how we work, then you have come to the right place

Most interesting startups in Berlin

Many experts call Berlin the European Silicon Valley. It seems that they do not throw the words around, as a lot of innovative startups can be found in Berlin.

TypeScript. What is it and what is it about?

Recently the TypeScript programming language has become quite popular. In the developers’ environment it is gaining trust and is being used more and more willingly.

Workshop: Payment Provider Integration in Ruby on Rails accomplished!

Codest representatives took part in Ruby on Rails workshops in Warsaw. They were organized by specialists from Spark Academy, which takes care of the Ruby on Rails community.

Why software development can stimulate the growth of e-commerce market?

E-commerce is one of the industries that currently has an enormous business potential. Its success determines effective product development based on technology of the highest quality.

Which AWS services you should consider using in your next project?

Are you going to start a new project or maybe you are about to develop some new features? Before you start undertaking any actions it is worth to find out as much as possible about various external tools that may be useful for you.

Why IT outsourcing is profitable for fintech startups?

Advanced technology is something that fintech startups really need. A properly developed product enables constant growth and scaling of the business. The question is about organising in-house team or choose outsourcing.

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