Object oriented programming. That’s not how you think

With the amount of free resources, books, online classes coding bootcamps available right now everyone can learn to code. However, there’s still a quality gap between coding and software engineering. Must there be one?

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Rails 6 is coming (4)

Rails 6.0 on your mind? It’s on ours as well, as you can readily tell from this week’s selection. Not to worry though: we’ve got something for the Node.js enthusiast and the responsible front end developer as well. Check out the staff’s top picks!

How to create a MVP in two months using Ruby? A really crazy story

A short story we have experienced at Codest. Due to the fact that we specialize in the development of web applications and our main technology is Ruby, we received an inquiry from one of the companies about the possibility to cooperate in their product development. Nothing out of the ordinary. We get similar requests quite often.

Why does technology speed up e-commerce, marketplaces and SaaS companies’ growth?

Companies from the e-commerce sector or those operating in the SaaS model, or having their own marketplace, are characterized by very large growth potential. This is reflected in statistics and current market trends.

Why quality in software development is key?

Software houses are dynamically developing, acquiring new customers and new markets, face the challenge of finding a balance between the quality of software projects and business growth. Very often it is difficult to combine those two issues with each other.

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Upcoming Webpack Updates (3)

You can tell our eyes were turned more on the front-end side of things this week… not to worry though: we’ve got something for the aspiring full stack developer and the world-weary software architect. Here are the staff top picks for this week.

Go to EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona and meet fast growing companies!

Are you going to the EU-Startup Summit in Barcelona? If you still have any second thoughts, we are here to encourage you. During this conference, you will have an opportunity to meet many interesting people and get to know some valuable startups, that are developing dynamically and are winning the market.

10 rules on how to manage a remote team

Effective team management is the key to any manager’s success. If you create a team made up of competent and talented people, you have a better chance of achieving your goals. This is particularly important, when managing a remote team, but not only this one.

Most promising startups from Spain. They develop fast and go global!

Spain belongs to some of the most impressive developing startups' markets. In particular, in Barcelona and Madrid, which house many innovative companies raising external financing and expanding their business sector in Europe and many countries around the world. In Spain there is quite a number of such promising startups.

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