EU tech companies are growing fast, but the US still hold the leading position on the market

Though in terms of value the tech companies market in Europe is still much behind the one in the US, it is undoubtedly an attractive place for development of new startups. In 2018, we witnessed a record amount of investments in Europe that was up to $23 billions

Startups’ success depends on reliable software. Let’s see why it is so real

In times of current technological trends, startups’ development is impossible without a high quality software. This is one of the key factors determining their growth. If you take care of effective software development, you will automatically increase your chance of success.

Is Ruby going to be a good choice in 2019 for software development?

Ruby is one of the most underrated programming languages. Though, in combination with the Rails framework, it offers a number of innumerable benefits. Its natural environment is web applications.

Meet best startups in Sweden. It’s worth knowing

In Sweden the startup community is developing really dynamically. There is no shortage of startups that achieve international success. The Swedish market strikes as one of the most attractive ones in Europe.

GraphQL: lessons learned in production

It is 2019. Your team increasingly leans towards building single page applications, or at least including rich components within regular multi-page applications. GraphQL is over two years old now, which by JavaScript ecosystem standards could be considered mature.

Baltic market. A great place with a big potential to launch your business

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the countries, where entrepreneurship is thriving.  A lot of sectors are widely developed - including the e-commerce industry. The success of such brands as Taxify or KS Digital can only confirm a really huge potential of this market.

Why React is so popular technology?

Since the React technology, an open JavaScript library source, was created it has gained great popularity among developers. React, designed by Facebook, is used to make rich and engaging web applications.

Why is Ruby on Rails becoming a popular trend on E-commerces nowadays?

When you hear "web application", you should immediately associate it with Ruby on Rails (RoR)? We have noticed as well that Ruby on Rails is becoming a popular trend on E-commerces nowadays.

Top popular frameworks of the Ruby programming language

The Ruby programming language has many useful frameworks that help build web applications. Ruby on Rails is not the only one. There are many other frameworks that are used by developers.

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