How to find the best UX/UI agency?

The role of UX/UI designers in product development is crucial. The visual and functional features are very important, that's why every good product should be appropriately 'packaged'. Without it, there is no chance your potential customers will pay attention to it, become interested and make the interaction you expect from them.

Software houses in Poland. Why is it a good place for IT services?

Poland is a very dynamically developing country on the map of European software houses. It’s a common opinion that in this country the quality of specialist IT work (coding) is very high. What's more, prices are relatively low compared to other countries in Europe and in the world. These are two of the most important factors that lead companies to Poland when looking for IT services.

Custom projects and outsourcing. The ways to cooperate with software houses

If you have ever considered using a software house’s services, you probably wondered what the process of cooperation between your company (customer) and the software house looks like. Most companies from the technology industry use a similar model of cooperation. Most often we talk about custom projects - developing an idea from scratch - or outsourcing.

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. All the ‘uses’ of React (9)

Did you wait for another Codest's weekly report? Here you are. This time, we pay your attention especially to topics related to React, but... not only. So brew good coffee and checked, what we prepared for you. Your welcome!

How did we stimulate our growth by setting up the HR department?

A few years ago, Codest was a relatively small software house. We started with a dozen or so people - including developers. We had clients who were satisfied with our work. It was pretty cool. Then, the moment came when we decided it was time to take a step forward.

Is it worthy to go global, expand the business and gain new markets?

‘Do I need to go global with my business?’. Perhaps you have asked yourself this question once. Winning new foreign markets is a big chance for your company. However, it can also be a threat that can have a negative impact on your business.

Vuelendar. A new Codest’s project based on Vue.js

Vuelendar is a small datepicker calendar written in VueJS. For quite long time we were using vue wrapper for pikaday in our project. Unfortunately it was hard to customize, and it's API didn't allowed us to implement quite a lot requirements.

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. WebAssembly and software testing (8)

In the pursuit of operational velocity we often lose sight of the fundamentals. Hard-coding credentials, flakey specs, iffy untested Docker images… Admit it, you’ve been there at some point (or you’re very, very lucky). We’ll also take a look at how WebAssembly is used at scale by eBay.

How to effectively manage remote developers? The guide for CTOs

In the world, over 60% of people work remotely. This trend is especially noticeable in the IT industry. More and more developers appreciate the possibility to work remotely. Due to this current trend, one of the key competences of the tech manager become the ability to manage a remote team of developers.

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