Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Upcoming Webpack Updates (3)

You can tell our eyes were turned more on the front-end side of things this week… not to worry though: we’ve got something for the aspiring full stack developer and the world-weary software architect. Here are the staff top picks for this week.

Go to EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona and meet fast growing companies!

Are you going to the EU-Startup Summit in Barcelona? If you still have any second thoughts, we are here to encourage you. During this conference, you will have an opportunity to meet many interesting people and get to know some valuable startups, that are developing dynamically and are winning the market.

10 rules on how to manage a remote team

Effective team management is the key to any manager’s success. If you create a team made up of competent and talented people, you have a better chance of achieving your goals. This is particularly important, when managing a remote team, but not only this one.

Most promising startups from Spain. They develop fast and go global!

Spain belongs to some of the most impressive developing startups' markets. In particular, in Barcelona and Madrid, which house many innovative companies raising external financing and expanding their business sector in Europe and many countries around the world. In Spain there is quite a number of such promising startups.

Weekly report of best tech articles. A small knowledge pills with Codest (2)

Whether you work with Ruby, JavaScript, or are more interested in DevOps topics, we’ve got something for you. Here are the staff’s top picks of the week.

Why Ruby on Rails is a good choice for software development? My personal thoughts

In various sources you can read that Ruby is a programming language that is falling down. A simple stereotype that is yet not true. Clients often ask me about the advantages of using Ruby, as it is widely regarded as a less popular language, comparing to the others.

Software development in 2019. Overview of hot statistics

Stack OverFlow has published the latest report on software development in 2019. For the needs of this research, surveys were conducted with nearly 90,000 developers worldwide. We can learn a lot of really interesting stuff from that source. We chose a few of the most curious ones, which we are going to present in this article.

‘Cody the game’… A story of the special game for Ruby programmers

One day 3 years ago in the Codest team we prepared a great Cody game for Ruby programmers. In today's article, I would like to describe what the work on this project looked like and above all show you the code of the project, which from now on is publicly available on our github.

Weekly report of best tech articles. A short pills of knowledge with Codest

At Codest, we read a lot. And we’d like to share our top picks with you! Here’s what caught our attention this week.

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