Most common challenges for startups

Have you ever considered, why so many startups are falling down? This question is really difficult to give the one proper answer. We have been watching this market for the last 7 years.

Is Europe a good place to looking for software developers?

Large IT projects related to the creation or software development require a team of experienced developers. The question is where to look for the right support?

How we care about quality of CSS code?

CSS seems to be treated as a supporting medium and yet constitutes a significant part of all Internet applications. What tools and good practices we use in Codest to provide the highest of CSS code?

Why outsourcing might be better than direct hiring?

Increasing importance of the IT industry for business development has initiated a growing trend of outsourcing IT processes. Investing in an in-house team of qualified employees usually becomes unprofitable for companies.


Customers often have to decide, in which programming language they would like their product to be created. Ruby and PHP are on of the most common dilemma.

What are the main challenges in global IT project?

We have prepared a list of the five most crucial challenges in global IT project together with the presentation of good practices that we have tested.

Is Berlin becoming a new Europe’s Silicon Valley for tech startups?

Everything indicates that we are witnessing a revolution on the startup market in Europe. The dynamically growing market in Berlin is becoming a leader among tech startups.

Why Ruby on Rails can help fintech startups?

Financial technology (fintech) is a dynamically growing market based on new technologies, aimed to improve financial activities. One of the main challenges is to choose the technology to ensure product development.

Top 10 German tech events in Q1 2019

Have you ever heard the statement that Berlin is considered to be a new European Silicon Valley? German market with its capital at the forefront is developing very dynamically.

5 reasons why JavaScript is so popular

The answer is pretty simple. We have divided it into 5 most important elements that make JavaScript so popular.

It was a real hit! Best Codest’s articles in 2018

The year 2018 is coming to an end, which is why it seems to be a good time for summaries. In recent months, a lot has happened on our blog. Check most read articles in 2018.

The ultimate guide to tech events in the US (1st quarter 2019)

Quite recently, we have presented the most important events in CEE in the 1st quarter of 2019. Now it the high time to take a closer look at the most attractive events in the US.

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