The best global tech events in Q3 2019. Why is it worth attending conferences?

The beginning of the quarter is always a good time to plan your participation in conferences or other industry events in your calendar. I try to participate regularly in such events, because they are undoubtedly a great source of knowledge and networking.

Open-closed principle. Do I ever have to use it?

Most developers have heard about open - closed principle - one of Uncle Bob’s SOLID principles. It sounds reasonable, but it can still be a little bit blurry until the first usage on ‘live’ code. Full state of principle is: software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) should be open for extension, but closed for modification.

Effective tech project management. The best tools that help you move your project to a higher level

IT project management requires a lot of organization. If you are a tech manager, you know well that one of your most important responsibilities is to ensure the efficiency of your project. A sheet of paper or notes on the calendar may not be sufficient nowadays. However, a modern tool for project management can really help to keep the project on track.

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Sorbet and Libra (12)

Some pretty large news hit this week. Sorbet, the type checker for Ruby originally delivered at Stripe is finally open-source. Facebook also opened up about it’s an upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra. All that and more below.

How to build a comprehensive product from idea to MVP?

MVP is an approach in product development, which we strongly appreciate and recommend to our clients. Recently, we have been working on one MVP, which brought us lots of experience that I would like to share with you. This is a really valuable lesson showing how to build a comprehensive product from an initial idea to the MVP development.

Scrum or not to scrum? Pros and cons of Scrum methodology

Scrum is a very common framework for project management. It is often used in IT projects. Its main advantages are efficiency in team management, control over the entire process and the possibility of constant monitoring of the progress. The question is, is it an ideal method of project management? Well, that’s a good question.

Delays in your project again? Say ‘never again’! Check how to win the game and deliver in time!

The timely implementation of an IT project is a great challenge nowadays. Everywhere you can hear or read about struggles with respecting deadlines.  Some statistics show that up to 50% of them fail and others again say even 70% of the projects don’t make it.

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. The one with hooks (11)

Hooks have been a thing in React for a while now. Some have even claimed that you can replace state flow libraries such as Redux with them. Is that correct? Let’s find out.

Proptech. A fast developing industry. Why is it worth to keep an eye on it?

Proptech is a fast and dynamically growing industry that attracts more and more the attention of startups and investors around the world. We could say that it is revolutionizing the real estate market. Proptech offers innovative technological solutions that bring industries to a new and better level while increasing revenues.

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