Recruitment in software houses. Why is so crucial?

The process of acquiring a qualified programmer is not an easy one due to a relatively small number of the possible candidates and high demands they set to a potential employer.

That’s the Strategy! Strategy Design Pattern

A design pattern is a conceptual model that helps you solve design problems in various contexts. It is like a reusable template you can apply to a structuring code.

Quality in Codest. Why do we deny to some projects?

Meet up Codest's personalized approach to a quality work. To put it in a nutshell - it's not quantity, but high quality that counts.

Ruby Domain Specific Language

Referring to definition, DSL (Domain Specific Language) is a computer language specialized to a particular application domain. This means it is developed to satisfy specific needs.

What is React js. and why is it framework so popular?

Many developers consider React js. to be the most popular JavaScript (JS) programming language library. It is used to create graphical interfaces for web applications.

6 skills you need to work as a Project Manager

A Project Manager (PM) managing IT projects plays quite an important role and requires appropriate abilities and predispositions.

What should you know about Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the most popular framework of the Ruby’s programming language, which is mostly used to create web applications. It is used by the largest brands.

Why is Vue.js framework so effective?

We will take a closer look at one of them - Vue js. It is getting better and better in comparison to other JS frameworks and regularly gains new supporters.

UI/UX design. Why is it important in an IT projects? (interview)

- A team without a UI/UX Designer it is like a product without a sale. One plays a very important role in the project, makes sure that you can meet the client’s preferences more effectively - explains Katarzyna Górniak, Product Designer.

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