Growing startups and global companies in Finland. Which of them should you know about?

Just like the other Scandinavian countries, Finland with Helsinki as its capital city, is developing quite well in the field of entrepreneurship. In this country, one can find a lot of interesting companies and startups that have achieved international success. Some of them can already boast of millions of revenues.

Writing documentation has become easy thanks to VuePress

Writing documentation is a standard that in many projects becomes a luxury. Its production easily goes into the background, especially when the next priority is given to the further functionalities at the phase of dynamic application development.

Is Ruby the most underappreciated programming language?

Ruby is dead. Ruby has no future. Ruby is a niche programming language. Ruby is not worth it. No developer wants to program in Ruby. Perhaps you have often encountered with such stereotypes. Meanwhile, they have nothing to do with reality.

How to finally close your backlog list in a software development project?

The never-ending list of tacks in the backlog is a problem that many tech managers have to face with. Customers expect a timely implementation of a project, though quite often work may unexpectedly extend. The question is - how to deal with it?

Scope Creep and Gold Plating in software development projects. How to deal with them?

More and more innovative products are being implemented on the market. Particular attention should be paid to those from such segments as Adtech, Fintech, Edutech or Musictech. It is no doubt that these industries have really big development potential. The skillful management of these products and their development is an important competence of leaders.

Security in Javascript packages

Every single day the amount of Javascript packages is growing. It is the result of a community’s activity, which on one hand, demands new solutions, on the other - generates them as a form of self-development or realization.

Best tools for tech Project Managers

What tools should be used to improve project management? Quite often this is a question tech leaders ask. Currently, there are really many available tools that help organize work and increase their effectiveness. We have listed the 10 most interesting ones.

Software Development Cycle. Why is it crucial for effective software development?

It is quite probable that many of you have heard about the Software Development Cycle (SDC). In this article, I would like to share with you some of views on this model. We have no doubt that SDC provides stabilization and efficiency for developed products.

The fastest growing companies in France with enormous potential

Each year in Western Europe a lot of dynamically developing companies and startups are emerging and quickly gaining the market, surprising everyone with their innovative solutions. The situation is not that different in France.

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