TypeScript. What is it and what is it about? :)

Recently the TypeScript programming language has become quite popular. In the developers’ environment it is gaining trust and is being used more and more willingly. That is all due to some of its advantages, which this article is actually going to be about. You will learn, what TypScript really is and what kind of opportunities it creates. Get Ready!

What TypeScript actually is?

TypeScript (TS) is an open source programming language created by Microsoft. It is associated with JavaScript (JS) due to its being compiled with it. This means that a code written in TypeScript is automatically translated into JavaScript. Put simply – TS is the ‘overlay’ of JS. Its most important feature is the possibility of static typing and object-oriented programming based on classes. In the context of JavaScript, wording, which is called the TypeScript JavaScript superset, is often used.

What possibilities does it offer?

Previously mentioned ‘overlays’ are created to speed up and facilitate the work of a programmer. Type checking is definitely the biggest advantage of TypeScript. Its usage eliminates many randomly generated bugs that result from unreliable data types. Thanks to this, the programmer can focus on the development of an application and do not waste time unnecessarily on searching and analyzing the resulting errors. In more detail, TypeScript supports header files that add type information to existing JavaScript libraries. In this way, such libraries as jQuery, MongoDB or Node js. can be used without any obstacles. All libraries of finished files can be found in DefinitelyTyped.

The usage of typing is therefore a significant facilitation for programmers. Another advantage of TypeScript is the ability to eliminate lack of consistency between the actual server response and the data format expected by the front-end. In addition, it should be noted that the TS language provides additional capabilities such as classes, interfaces, modules, variable typing, arguments and functions or optional function parameters.

Is TypeScript really a good choice?

Analyzing the broad possibilities and characteristics of the TypeScript language, it is clearly visible that static typing provides many benefits to programmers. The most important advantage is the acceleration of work and the elimination of emerging bugs.

When considering its use, you should remember that TS is supported by many programming environments. Some good examples are IntelliJ and WebStorm. There is also an Eclipse platform that allows you to edit TypeScript files. Of course, the final decision whether to choose TypeScript or not depends on the programmer, but the current market trend shows that the TS is regularly gaining more and more supporters.

Is that hard to manage developers work? We did it well! :)

At Codest, we care about the highest quality of our clients’ satisfaction. But also about the comfort of developers’ work. We have developed effective and efficient working methods that allow us to manage developers work with the highest efficiency. How is it possible? Check it reading this article.

Remote work. Does it make sense?

One of these methods is the possibility of remote work, which gives our developers unlimited comfort and convenience. They are very eager to use this opportunity, thus improving their productivity. They do not have to waste time and energy on everyday commuting to the office and in return they work in comfortable conditions from home. We also do not introduce “rigid” working hours. Developers choose the time when they want to work. We want their working time to be as effective as possible, which is why we leave this choice to them.

In this way, we care about creativity. At Codest, we implement all projects in accordance with the Scrum methodology, where each process is strictly defined in time. Thanks to this, we effectively keep all deadlines and the client receives exactly it, what was expected from us.

With full conviction I can say that this system works well. Codest has been operating on the market for 10 years and at this time, we served clients from over 30 countries and we already have over 100 employees on board. Our work system works well. The best confirmation of this is customer satisfaction and the fact that our projects are only entrusted to our developers

Good communication

Despite the fact that some developers from one team work remotely, our communication runs smoothly. We use the latest technologies and communicators that allow us to constantly contact. Developers during the so-called ‘sprints’ in the project can exchange knowledge and share experience. Short scrum meetings verify the progress of our work. Thanks to this, projects are under constant control, which translates into their final success.


In recent times, we have implemented one of the projects, in which our client Mittmedia has commissioned us to build a dedicated and minimize internal costs. Codest software engineers built a custom sales support API-platform for Mittmedia, connecting the publisher’s DSPs with an invoicing system. Thanks for the integration process, the campaign management process became fully automated. And here is how our client assessed the work of our developers. That is a short summary of our cooperation.

“We turned to Codest with a need for product that would address the rapidly changing digital market. We aimed at a custom-made and user-friendly tool effectively manage the affiliate network. Codest put quite an effort in creating the software with much emphasis placed on the usability and convenience of that graphics interface. Their diligence paid off later with our publishers showing their satisfaction”.

Let us give developers freedom

We are convinced that our developers are appreciate for deep understanding of client’s business needs, ongoing help with any issue and facility to scale cooperation. With satisfaction, we accept further inquiries about the possibility of outsourcing individual developers to implement specific projects for our clients. All this only confirms that working remotely in IT projects makes sense and makes our team even more effective.

Agile vs. Waterfall. Which methodology is more effective in IT projects? :)

Quite often choosing a methodology of IT project management becomes a real dilemma. In most of cases it concerns two methodologies: Agile and Waterfall. However, they differ in their characteristics, which affect the way the project is implemented. Both solutions have their strengths and weaknesses.

It can be said that the Watefall methodology is a more standard approach that once was definitely used more often. The dynamic development of IT industry has led to searching for an alternative method that would further improve effectiveness of IT projects. In this way, the Agile methodology was created. Currently, both approaches have their supporters. There is a debate about which of these methodologies is more effective.

Differences between Agile and Waterfall

Let’s start with a short explanation of what Agile and Waterfall actually are. The first methodology focuses on achieving customer satisfaction through the speed of software development. Agile allows very efficient building of specific product functionalities. The development team works in so-called sprints. This means that it focuses on creating specific product features at exactly right time. This type of work is very often associated with Scrum principles. You can read more about them here.

Unlike Waterfall, Agile customer engagement is increased. It is difficult to clearly define this feature as either disadvantage or advantage. However, without a doubt, the client’s presence in development of a software positively affects efficiency of the project. In this way, for example, any risk associated with discrepancy of concepts is minimized.

Agile is often better suited for large projects. Thanks to this approach, the first results of work can be visible much faster. The development team focuses on creation of a given functionality at a specific time and then proceeds to the next one. Then the product acquires its first features from the very beginning. Agile is also appreciated for its great flexibility and ability to make changes at various stages of the project.

In contrast, Waterfall is a methodology where production of software takes place in strictly defined stages. From the very beginning, the customer expects a clear vision of the product and is not likely to be involved in working process. In this case, the entire process is planned and transparent. Thanks to this, you can easily estimate value of the project, as the specific date of completion is known. Taking into consideration large structuring of specific project stages, any changes are more difficult to implement.

What decision? Agile or Waterfall?

Currently, Agile is a methodology for IT projects that is more willingly used. It gained popularity mainly thanks to extensive projects. In their case, Agile perfectly manages working process. In addition, this methodology is considered more modern and innovative.

However, this fact does not override Waterfall. It has its followers as well. Mainly among clients, who value transparency and a clearly defined plan. So how to deal with the dilemma? It seems that the best solution is to choose a methodology based on consultation between a team of developers and a client. Both parties start exchanging with comments, experiences and also get to know each other’s expectations. On this basis, you can make the right choice.

Software development common mistakes in e-commerce market :)

The e-commerce industry is a very attractive place to develop your own business. Due to the high market competition, it is not easy to create a product that will succeed. However, you can increase your chances by eliminating some basic mistakes made during software development. What mistakes can you make? This is our list.

Mistake 1: Lack of information and analysis of clients

When creating an e-commerce platform, you should know exactly, who it will be addressed to. It is about clarifying the customer’s profile. If the product should generate profits, you need to know, what features it must have in order to be attractive to the recipient. Without such information the risk of failure increases significantly. It may turn out that functionality, which at first glance seems to be perfect will in practice become completely ineffective. You can find this out when knowing behavior and tastes of a target group.

Keep in mind the first principle and you can significantly accelerate work related to software development. The team of programmers working on the product can focus on its development and adjust all functionalities to future customers’ preferences.

Mistake 2: Missing user’s experience

While remaining in subject related to customer behavior, one should mention UX design as well. Until recently, many e-commerce websites have omitted this issue at the stage of product development. Recently, however, awareness of the need to create a user-friendly software has increased significantly.

To illustrate this tendency you can look at this example. A customer, who has a choice of several e-commerce websites will choose the one that will meet their expectations. The most common is the type of offer and interface appearance, which allows to find what a customer is looking for in a quick and comprehensible way. In development teams UX designers are responsible for it. They are up to date with all current market trends and know customer preferences and behaviors. In short, they design interfaces that will meet the user’s expectations.

Not everyone, however, bears in mind UX design. Although more and more people are aware of the importance of this part of the software, you can still find cases of downplaying UX design.

Mistake 3: No tests

Testing different solutions on a specific group allows you to get an answer whether the product meets the expectations of customers or not. A/B tests can be quite helpful. In the course of software development, it is a good idea to check two different solutions at the same group of recipients. In this way you can get a really quick feedback and know, which ideas work and which ones do not. Such initial verification significantly accelerates product development and then positively affects the results of market activity.

Mistake 4: Incorrect selection of technology

Development of e-commerce platforms starts with choosing the right technology. Together with a team of programmers, you should decide, which technology will suit the best a particular type of product. In the e-commerce industry, quite a popular trend is to use the Ruby language and its Ruby on Rails framework. Another technology can work as well. It is used by the world’s largest brands, including AirBnB or Groupon. It is better to discuss such decision with experienced developers, who in the past had an opportunity to collaborate on similar projects as those related to the e-commerce industry.

Mistake 5: Lack of constant product development

Product development does not end at the moment of its production. When the e-commerce platform starts the market activity, it is a mistake to stop the development works. Of course, a lot depends on the type of product or software, but most often, especially at the initial stage, the product requires constant development. Omitting this can be risky. Competition on the market is usually very large, so you should regularly analyze the effectiveness of available functionalities and, if necessary make changes or updates.


Customers often have to decide, in which programming language they would like their product to be created. Ruby and PHP are on of the most common dilemma. Inspire of PHP’s former popularity, recently more and more customers are reporting their need to create products using Ruby and its popular Ruby on Rails framework.

In Codest we had the opportunity to cooperate with many clients that require proper arguments, why the programming language offered by the software house will be a good choice for their productQuite often the dilemma concerns Ruby and PHP. We exactly know that PHP is better known for most people. However, the market trend is different. Ruby has many of strengths that customers and developers appreciate. It is not without reason that such services as Twitter, Basecamp or AirBnB have been created in this language.

Ruby is ideally suited for the development of web applications. Its advantage is that it provides many libraries and high quality frameworks that improve the developer’s comfort. The process of building a web application is relatively faster in Ruby than in PHP. The first functionalities of the application can be obtained in a relatively low time. The most commonly used is the Ruby on Rails framework, which has gained great popularity with programmers.

Therefore, if time is a matter of value for a client, Ruby will be a good choice for them due to its time efficiency. At the very same time, there is no fear of any quality lost as the applications created in Ruby on Rails are of high quality and performance. Ruby is appreciated by developers for its brevity and the ease of introducing corrections and upgrades. This helps a lot at the later stages of work.

Obviously, PHP also has its supporters. There are more programmers on the market that have competencies in this area. Ruby creates a bigger barrier for entry for novice developers. The market trend shows, however, that more and more beginners in programming are deciding to learn this language by seeing more possibilities in it. A similar relationship can be shown with the customers, who want to create a web application and turn to the software houses that specialize in Ruby.

5 reasons why JavaScript is so popular :)

Have you ever wondered, why JavaScript is such a popular language? What are the reasons so many programmers want to learn it? And why most of the software houses offer their services connected to JavaScript? The answer is pretty simple. We have divided it into 5 most important elements that make JavaScript so popular.

JavaScript mastered the internet

When surfing websites, you are most likely to use browsers. It does not matter whether it is a daily news site, YouTube or a theme blog. You certainly use these browsers for any kind of activities and JavaScript is closely related to them. You can call it the most favorite field of action of this language. Therefore, it is currently difficult to imagine the internet without JavaScript as the abovementioned sites are created on its basis.

A quick start

To start your work in other programming languages, you will need a compiler or interpreter. JavaScript makes this process much simpler. Whilst in a browser, just press the “F12” key and the console will appear on your screen. Among others this function is possible on the most popular browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After the console is displayed, you can start working.

An extensive community

There are lots of studies, guides and instructions related to this language that are available on the internet. Thus JavaScript has a huge public knowledge base that developers can use. Which will come in handy as, in case of any problems, you can find the right solution on the internet in a relatively easy way. Isn’t this a big advantage, especially for novice developers?


JavaScript has several extensive and practical frameworks. Angular, React.js and Vue js. are among the most popular ones. It’s good to know that such global giants as Google and Facebook have contributed to their creation. It is also a guarantee that they still will be developed, so JavaScript will stay among the most attractive programming languages.


JavaScript is considered to be one of the most universal languages. Why? First of all, it offers a very wide range of functionality. It allows you to write simple scripts using which you can edit the content of websites. But more advanced functions are acceptable as well. For instance, you can build advanced web applications.

Top Principles For Building Great Software Product :)

No company is able to succeed, if its product is not of a right value for the potential consumers. Creating an effective product based on proper software, consistent with customer preferences, is the key to your business development.

However, this is not as easy as it may sound. Many startups in the past either collapsed or had big problems getting their target group’s interest. All this happened due to the imperfections of the product. We decided to prepare a list of the most important rules to keep in mind when you are going to create a great software product.

Use the data of your target group

Even if you are convinced that you have created a great product that will not have any problems with the sale, you should check it out. On the basis of our ten – year experience at Codest, we have noticed that customers sometimes take hasty hypotheses, which later result in failures and the need to introduce a lot of modifications. That is why a proper analysis is so important. Use the available data – for example about the behavior and preferences of the target group, and then analyze them for your users.

At first – MVP

The creation of Minimum Value Products (MVP) is a very popular solution. It is not advisable to commission developers at the very beginning of the works aimed at creating very extensive functionalities. First of all, due to the fact that not all ideas can be verified by customers positively. That’s why the idea of MVP works really well. In addition, you should add that, thanks to MVP, you will gain time efficiency and will be able to check what your clients like and what not. If you are thinking about creating a web application, read the Ruby on Rails framework analysis and check which brands have decided to use it.

Choose an effective team of developers

You should entrust the creation of an effective product to professionals. You need to know that, depending on the character of work, it can be a very time-consuming process, which is why your decision should be carefully thought through. Why is it so important? First of all because you will minimize the risk of delays and possible errors. In addition, the competent experienced team of developers will also help you in choosing the right technology.

Remember, that not only the inside of the product counts, but also its overall appearance. In this case, the role of UX designer will be helpful, as this is a person who is perfectly familiar with current market trends and knows how to create user-friendly interfaces.


Do not give up, if the initial product functionality is not as effective as you expected. In the first phase of its development, you should run as many tests as possible to help you determine weaknesses and strengths. Thanks to A/B tests, you can gain knowledge of the solutions you should abandon in the future. If it maintains constant cooperation with a team  of developers, you will be able to implement subsequent changes very quickly. This will help you match the product to the market needs as fast as possible.

Recruitment in software houses. Why is so crucial? :)

The IT industry is a very specific market in case of the employees’ recruitment. The process of acquiring a qualified programmer is not an easy one due to a relatively small number of the possible candidates and high demands they set to a potential employer.

The ability to find and then employ such an employee is extremely important from the perspective of a software house. This task is most often addressed to HR departments, which must demonstrate high effectiveness of their activities. Why is this process so crucial? The answer you will find below.

Recruitment in software houses is the basis to maintain and develop a business

If a software house has qualified developers, who demonstrate not only high technical skills, but also experience and soft skills, then you can talk about a complete and professional team. Such programmers are able not only to fulfill their tasks without any complaints, they can also provide the company with an opportunity to develop and acquire new projects.

In this case, the HR department plays an important role, which must meet the demands of both parties – developers and a software house. They should strive to hire a qualified employee, but also a committed one. At the recruitment stage, in addition to technical skills it is important to verify the candidate’s approach to working in a team or international environment.

Maintaining competent employees is the basis for an effective project implementation

In order to provide customers with the highest quality products, it is necessary to guarantee a team of developers, who understand the needs of the product and know how to develop it. In this way, you can be sure of the project and its results. It can be said that this is the basis of building trustworthiness and trust among partners. A well-created product – in line with the expectations of the other party – is also the most credible recommendation and the possibility of continuing cooperation.

Knowledge exchange

The smooth recruitment process ensures constant provision of necessary knowledge and its supplementation. The IT industry is changing dynamically, so developers must keep up to date with all the latest news. Complex teams of programmers, who complement each other with knowledge, is an effective method to guarantee high quality services.

How does it look in practice? A newly recruited member of a team can develop at the beginning of work under the guidance of more experienced employees and acquire the necessary knowledge. On the other hand, such person can bring a new perspective and innovative solutions to the team.

Quality in Codest. Why do we deny to some projects? :)

In the previous articles you could find out, why a great communication in IT project is so important. This time, we would like to talk more about our work at Codest and present our personalized approach to a quality work, which is very crucial for us. To put it in a nutshell – it’s not quantity, but high quality that counts.

Why does the quality work matter?

Our customer’s satisfaction has always been the priority. Codest has been operating for over 10 years on the IT market and at the very beginning it was decided that our work was to stand out from other companies in terms of quality and high efficiency. Nothing has changed since then and it is only due to this approach we can prove our being the best software house that is constantly developing.

The year is coming to an end and that is why we can summarize the completed projects. Once again we have managed to provide a high level of service, reflected by the opinions of our clients and great relationships maintained. They have repeatedly appreciated our approach, emphasizing, that in the case of needs related to the development of software, we will always be their first choice.

Why do we refuse from some projects?

Every month we receive several inquiries from companies that want to cooperate with us. I would like to emphasize that we do not always agree to implement a specific project. It is related to the fact that at first we analyze the availability of our developers and only then we can confirm the readiness to cooperate with a client. We are convinced that this approach puts us in a very good light in our partners’ eyes.

We will never accept a project if our developers do not have sufficient time resources. It is because we pay much attention to their work comfort. We know perfectly well that it is a good idea to organize their working time to be as efficient and effective as possible. This approach influences directly the effects of our projects. Only then we can be sure that our work will be positively evaluated.

Grow fast with high quality

That’s the motto that guides us in Codest. From the very beginning of our activity on the IT market, we have been developing dynamically, cooperating in the meantime with companies from various industries. From startups to large corporations, we want to constantly develop and be proud of successive projects that are a success. And at this point I would like to emphasize once again that the development would not be possible, if it were not for the high quality of work that is always a priority.

Codest is characterized by an individualized approach to each client who can be sure that when we carry out a project we do this with an utmost care. You can stay assured that this approach in Codest will never change.

What is React js. and why is it framework so popular? :)

Many developers consider React js. to be the most popular JavaScript (JS) programming language library. It is used to create graphical interfaces for web applications. In this article, we will present its most characteristic features and examples of application.

In previous publications you had an opportunity to check what the Vue js. framework is and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript. Now it’s time for React js. – so much praised and appreciated by developers. Let’s start with the question, where does its popularity come from? In principle, the answers can be given in one word. It’s all about versatility. Developers praise this library for the lack of restrictions and freedom at work. That’s just the title of the introduction and now it’s time to know its detailed specifics.

Basic information

Creating applications in React js. consists of building and composing further components. This is a very simple definition that shows the way it works. It should be emphasized that this library is responsible only for the view of the application. Therefore, this is not a type of MVC – Model – View – Controller.

React js., in context of the other JavaScript frameworks, is distinguished by a declarative code. Once written, a component can be re-used in future. It is enough to import it using the appropriate code. This code is very fast as it is supported by Virtual DOM. Thanks to it, rendering in the browser is significantly accelerated.

Developers also appreciate the opportunity to access broad communities that not only grant technical support, but also provide ready-made solutions. In addition, the coding in React js. comes as relatively pleasant. It’s enough to get to know this library to see it for yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other library or framework React js. has its pros and cons. The advantages include using the library on both client’s and server’s sides. Let us mention that React js. can be used simultaneously with other frameworks, which undoubtedly contributes to the advantages. What else? First of all, the fact that the components and data patterns provide high readability of the code and thus facilitate the work with large applications.

In turn, much less can be said when it comes to defects. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that React js. supports only the view layer. That is why to make a complete set of data for creating applications it is necessary to use another technology. From the developer’s point of view, the problem may also be placing “inline” forms and using JSX, which is not understandable for programmers who have not had an access to this library before.

Application examples

Such services as Netflix, PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, Udemy and Gamepedia were created using React js. The list undoubtedly looks impressive. These examples can only confirm that the popularity of the library is fully justified. React js. it is not only effective, but also very functional.