How to find market fit for your product?

Finding the right market fit for a product in development is the goal of every startup, yet most startups struggle with this. I have noticed over the course of my many years working with startups that this is a big challenge, without which scaling and further business development is not possible.

What is the real state of startup entrepreneurship in Norway?

Have you ever wondered whether Norway is a good place for the development of startups? It is a common opinion that while Norway is characterized by a very stable economy, start-up entrepreneurship in the country is no longer at such a high level. To find out what the situation really looks like, I decided to look a little closer.

Germany is a great place for startups: a well-designed startup ecosystem

Have you ever wondered why there is a very positive opinion – across Europe and around the world – of the German startup development market? It is often said that Germany is at the heart of the development of innovative businesses, and I must admit that this caught my attention.

Why tech startups fail? Five (not) obvious common reasons

Building an innovative technology startup is very ‘on trend’. ‘Tech startup’ means a company that brings technology products or services to the market. Going down this path could bring success only if your product has real value and you don’t make mistakes while running the business.

Proptech. A fast developing industry. Why is it worth to keep an eye on it?

Proptech is a fast and dynamically growing industry that attracts more and more the attention of startups and investors around the world. We could say that it is revolutionizing the real estate market. Proptech offers innovative technological solutions that bring industries to a new and better level while increasing revenues.

Why is building a MVP possible with Ruby on Rails?

MVP is one of the best methods of fast building and implementation of the product on the market. Thanks to this approach, you can save a significant part of the budget and accelerate all stages of product development. It is possible thanks to the short programming time.

What should you know about the Netherlands market? Sustainable development and many promising companies

The Netherlands is a country well-known in trade in Western Europe. It is the sector that drives the local economy to a large extent. It can also boast well-developed entrepreneurship, startups and global companies that are conquering international markets.

Is it worthy to go global, expand the business and gain new markets?

‘Do I need to go global with my business?’. Perhaps you have asked yourself this question once. Winning new foreign markets is a big chance for your company. However, it can also be a threat that can have a negative impact on your business.

Sweden as a leader of the Nordic market. Many startups, global companies and high demand on IT services

The Nordic market is considered one of the best and fast-growing in the world, businesswise. In Scandinavia, there are large global companies like Ikea, but not only. Also many new great startups can be found developing fast. All this is possible thanks to the favorable entrepreneurial ecosystem that prevails in this region.

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