E-commerce web development. Crucial things that you can’t forget

Do you have your own e-commerce company? Great. For sure, you want your business to make as much profit as possible. In turn, your clients most probably have different needs, but remember that they are the ones who determine your success. Customers expect products to be trendy, modern and user-friendly. How to combine these two perspectives to gain success in e-commerce? Find the answer in the article.

Warsaw Ecommerce Tech Sessions. How to increase advertising revenue?

Participation in industry conferences is a great opportunity for networking or sharing knowledge, right? I would like to share with you one of the upcoming conferences that our team is going to – the Warsaw E-commerce Tech Session (WETS). This is a real treat for not only e-commerce companies but also other tech businesses!

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Are you sure you’re using microservices? (19)

Microservices is one of those things that some thought to be fads, until they completely gripped hold of how we do most things. Thus usually the answer to the question “are you using microservices” nowadays is “yes”. But are you sure?

Codest’s good practice for building software: Product from scratch – UX design

Creating products from scratch is a challenging process. First, we must think about the appropriate UX Design. Why UX not UI? Well … a beautiful but unintuitive product is useless, so we should focus on user-centered design, always and forever. 

What are the differences between a software house and an IT staffing agency?

Companies seeking programmer support often face the dilemma of what kind of collaboration to develop with an external partner. Sometimes, the services provided by software houses are mistakenly confused with those of IT staffing agencies, which are - literally speaking - recruitment agencies. What is the difference between both types of cooperation and which can be more effective for your project? 

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Rendering on the Web (18)

Hoo boy what a week. Rails 6 dropped, rest-client was yet another Ruby gem to have been hijacked and have malicious code pushed into a version and GitHub had another hiccup. But if you’re anything like us, none of that is not news to you - so read on for all the good stuff you missed.

How to keep your software development team productive?

If you manage a team of developers, this article may certainly interest you. Maintaining high productivity and the commitment of developers to each project is a big challenge for every tech manager. In theory, everything seems simple, but in practice, it is not necessarily an easy task. I have prepared some tips that will help you increase the productivity levels of your development team.

Why is it worth having a growth team responsible for business development? Codest case study

I would like to tell you the story of our team 'Growth', who is responsible for business development at Codest. Some time ago, we decided to expand the team because we knew that the development of our software house would not be possible without a professional sales and marketing department. Perhaps this story will also inspire you.

Codest’s good practice for building software: GitFlow

This document was written in order to unify the internal company Git Flow rules. This method is not introducing pure Git Flow, as it is a mix of both Git Flow and GitLab Flow, with best company practices worked over many years. It helps keep a clean and readable history of the repository and better control over changes and project lifecycles. 

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