Why Scrum works and has visible effects on software projects?

While up to half of software projects are unsuccessful, statistics show that Scrum raises the effectiveness of project management, and as many as 62% of projects run this way will succeed. Is Scrum currently ‘in fashion’? Definitely! Are you curious? Probably!

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. 6 things missing from Rails (14)

It can easily feel these days like Ruby on Rails, especially in it’s latest installment, has everything and the kitchen sink (I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised to find ActiveSupport::KitchenSink in there). Can there be anything missing? This and much more below.

Building products from scratch. Do you know how to make this a success?

‘I have a plan for my product. What I need is to start developing it’. We often have potential clients contact us in this way. In fact, building a product from scratch is not as easy as some people think. All processes should start with deep analysis and planning.

Work smartly, effectively manage your time and successfully develop your business

Are you C-level and struggle with working smartly, effectively managing your time and meeting deadlines? This is a common problem. Happily, there is a solution: implement a proper approach, eliminate bad habits and become a more productive manager. Let’s do it!

Could A/B tests be useful for your business?

A/B tests in product development are a chance to increase product attractiveness (conversion) and as a result generate more profits. Although opinions on the validity of such tests are sometimes divided, I have no doubt that they have offer many advantages. Even the largest brands in the world such as Facebook or Google use in-depth testing before introducing a new solution to the market.

Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Hijacking of a Ruby gem (14)

We Rubyists tend to sneer at the NPM crowd every time something bad happens to them (remember left-pad? Or event-stream?). No sneers to be heard this week, however, as we learned that strong_password was hijacked on RubyGems and was loading some very nasty code. Read about it and much more below.

Why should tech leaders develop soft skills?

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a very responsible position, requiring broad competences. Very often, this position includes people who were formerly developers, have a technical background, and have taken the next step towards developing their career by becoming a CTO. However, the problem of insufficient soft skills often arises once they are in post.

Why tech startups fail? Five (not) obvious common reasons

Building an innovative technology startup is very ‘on trend’. ‘Tech startup’ means a company that brings technology products or services to the market. Going down this path could bring success only if your product has real value and you don’t make mistakes while running the business.

Codest’s good practice for building software: project documentation

They say that when we meet someone for the first time, that initial impression is the most important one. The same applies to a project code repository. A well-written README is crucial not only for current developers but also for future ones. It introduces the project and provides step-by-step instructions that allow quick setup and contribution.

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