Three SaaS software development principles. Invest in SaaS and get paid

The expected revenue of software as a service (SaaS) companies in the world in 2019 will be $85 billion. This means an average increase in the market value of almost 18% year on year. This prediction developed by Gartner perfectly demonstrates the potential of this industry.

Sweden as a leader of the Nordic market. Many startups, global companies and high demand on IT services

The Nordic market is considered one of the best and fast-growing in the world, businesswise. In Scandinavia, there are large global companies like Ikea, but not only. Also many new great startups can be found developing fast. All this is possible thanks to the favorable entrepreneurial ecosystem that prevails in this region.

Why is the Proptech industry rapidly increasing? An interview with James Dearsley – Proptech influencer

James Dearsley is a global keynote speaker on the future of real estate. He is a leading Proptech influencer, commentator, and co-founder of Unissu. Unissu is the global leader in Proptech information, data, and research. I have talked to James Dearsley about the PropTech phenomenon, industry development, prospects, and market potential.

How do we implement the requirement analysis?

The purpose of the requirement analysis is to create a general outline of the project's operation, establish an action plan through which the project will be implemented, and, if possible, identify the tools to be used. There is no simple recipe for requirement analysis.

What is the best project management approach to software development?

Effective management of a software development project is a challenge. However, if you would manage it properly, then you would have a chance to deliver high-quality products. Currently, the Agile and Waterfall approaches are most commonly used. Many tech managers face a dilemma of which approach to choose for their project.

Germany is a great place for startups: a well-designed startup ecosystem

Have you ever wondered why there is a very positive opinion – across Europe and around the world – of the German startup development market? It is often said that Germany is at the heart of the development of innovative businesses, and I must admit that this caught my attention.

Our approach to customer journey

Every successful business cooperation needs to start somewhere and somehow by one of the partners initiating the first interaction. In our software house setup, the new business team plays the leading role in assisting the customers on their journey with their inquiries.

A quick guide to building and developing your own marketplace. What is worth to know?

Thriving marketplaces are generally viewed as a global phenomenon. Economic indicators in this sector increase every year. Over 40% of global e-commerce sales are expected to take place in marketplaces by 2020. In addition, we observe a record turnover in the e-commerce industry every year. Not without reason, another world brands are fighting each other in market share.

Code review best practices

Code review is another topic in the series about best practices for building software. At Codest, it is an organization-wide belief that great code reviews benefit everyone involved. Why is this important, and what is our approach to code review? Discover it!

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