More and more the Ruby on Rails framework is being used by the largest brands to create their web applications. Thanks to the automation of many activities, it facilitates the work of developers, who can create a completed product in a short time. Many web applications have already been created in Ruby on Rails and we are presenting some of the most popular ones.


The Twitter social network service is the Ruby on Rails’ largest showcase. Its founder, Jack Dorsey, decided to turn to this framework, as it could quickly create a functional product. He argued his choice by saying that the programmers found Ruby on Rails pretty handy to work with. In addition, during the work, the resulting service could be easily supplemented with any additional functionalities. Therefore, Dorsey emphasized the many advantages of the Ruby language, which you can also read about here.


Another service that has been a huge success. Created in the USA, it is used to book apartments and flats. To prepare the portal, e-mail templates, payment system and many other functionalities the Ruby on Rail framework was used.


It was founded in 2008 in Chicago. The portal is used to purchase local services, travel and products. In this case, Ruby on Rails proved to be a great solution for a quick creation of a functional application that can be easily developed.


Website designed for programming projects with enjoying great popularity. It was created in 2008 with the Ruby on Rails framework and the Erlang language. In 2018, Github has been taken over by Microsoft.


This tool enables a simple and remote project management. Its biggest advantage is the ability to manage multiple projects from one administration panel. It works great in running smaller businesses, but is also popular among managers dealing with complex projects.


Slideshare is a place on the web, where you can share multimedia presentations, documents, graphics and video. Launched as a LinkedIn website tool, it has gained a very high popularity among users. Slideshare supports, among others, marketing activities of companies. It was launched in 2006 and was created on the basis of the Ruby on Rails framework.