Best UI fonts for web design

How to create an interface that will involve users and encourage reading? User Designer can create a project according to the best user experience standards (UX), but if the user interface (UI) is not attractive, all other activities may prove ineffective.

One of the ways to care for UI is to choose the right fonts. In this article, we will present a few of them, which we find the most attractive. Their advantage is that they are recommended by Google Material Design. They are also available in Google Fonts, which means that they do not overload applications unnecessarily.


Currently, this is one of the most popular fonts and is actively promoted by Google itself. This font gives the impression of being very geometric and friendly to the recipient. In addition, it appears to be very readable and “light”. In case you’d like to designing a web application, this front is worth considering.


It greatly works, when it comes to printed materials and business graphics. Lato is a typeface pattern that was designed in 2010 and very received a lot of sympathizers in a relatively short time. Lato belongs to the group of the most popular fonts.

Open sans

This font is well known to all of those, who deal with web design on a daily basis. Also it suits quite well both printed materials and TV commercials.


Montserrat is a font characterized by a very geometric style. It gives a wide range of use. It will be a good choice both in business projects and those “lighter”, less official ones. In addition, it perfectly matches the headlines and attracts the recipient’s attention.

Playfair Display

This font can be perfectly used in titles and headings. It has a high height and short falls. Moreover, it is used by well-known brands, such as BMW or Vogue.

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is a font that combines modern proportions with a geometric dimension. It can be found on many websites, where it is used most of the time. It is recommended to use 12-16px for main content and 24-30px for headers.

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