Best tools for tech Project Managers

What tools should be used to improve project management? Quite often this is a question tech leaders ask. Currently, there are really many available tools that help organize work and increase their effectiveness. We have listed the 10 most interesting ones. It is worth getting familiar with them and implementing them in your projects.


Atlassian software that allows managers to manage projects, organize teamwork and monitor its progress. Jira is especially popular when it comes to software development projects. Ideally suited as a tool to support project management with the help of the Scrum methodology. The most important features of Jira include:

– verification of documents and data flow,

– task planning, teamwork monitoring,

– file sharing,

– tracking the progress of a project,

– reporting the results.

If project management in the form of Agile is important, you can be assured that Jira will come in handy. It is relatively easy to use and very accessible to new users.


This is yet another of the Atlassian products that provide a wide opportunity for project management. Trello is very easy to use and just like Jira, allows to monitor the course of a project, organize the teamwork and track all progress. Trello ensures seamless collaboration between team members. It is also a very transparent tool, making the most important information visible at a glance.

In addition, Trello is compatible with Jira and other similar tools such as Bitbucket, Confluence and Stride.


Easy Project

It is an application that brings together all the necessary tools for project management, such as task scheduling, teamwork organization, project time control, and reporting panel. Easy Project is in line with the best project management practices – WBS, Gantt, Scrum and Kanban. The application is perfect for many industries, not only those related to software development.

Easy Project allows users to increase the efficiency of project management by up to 56%, improve the team’s work and ensure time savings of up to 32%.

Proof Hub

Another alternative tool that you should consider when choosing a project management tool. Proof Hub works on very similar terms to the others. It allows

– managing the division of roles in a team,

– determination of tasks and responsibilities,

– generating reports and charts,

– time tracking,

file management,

– keeping notes,

– access to chat and many others.

This tool stands out among so many other non-standard and innovative interfaces. The user, who chooses to subscribe, at the very beginning can match the selected template to their needs.

Then, you organize an array that will be used for your team’s work. As for the scope of functionality, they are very similar to the previously analyzed tools. An undoubted advantage of is the ability to install the application on your phone.


Now it’s time for a tool that will help you improve communication inside the team. Slack is a modern cloud-based communicator. It enables text, voice and video communication as well as multimedia sharing. You can create dedicated channels for individual teams that will help team members communicate in selected projects.


A program for storing everyday notes. It can be called a very advanced and innovative form of an ordinary and popular notebook. Users can create dedicated threads, make their own documents, and even store graphics. The big advantage is the fact of synchronizing the program with Windows, Mac, Web and mobile devices.


It is an application used to measure working time and monitor the duration of projects. With its help you will learn how much time a specific task takes your workers to do. In this way, you can easily estimate the level of involvement in a given project and make sure that certain activities do not take too much time. Harvest is often used to monitor work time in software development projects. It helps to estimate the development time, and, thus, to determine the overall project implementation costs.

PM tools

To do ist

An application that will help you master unnecessary chaos in your daily work. It is very easy – all you need to do is set the time to complete your task and control the entire process with the help of the application. It will remind you of an upcoming task, so you will not forget anything.

Google Drive

The last, but not the least. For the very end we left the tool perfectly familiar to everyone. However, Google Drive can also help you manage your projects effectively. You can store your files, create documents, spreadsheets and share them with other team members. Most importantly, the Google Drive service is completely free, so it does not require additional financial expenses. This tool will be especially useful in smaller and not complicated projects.

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