Agile methodology assumes effective project management. Thanks to its high efficiency, it has gained a lot of popularity, as more and more projects are being run according to its principles. Currently, many software that allow you to control the work of project teams are available. They make it easier to manage the entire process and systematize the tasks of individual team members. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

Jira Software

Quite a popular tool for managing IT projects, but that is not its single option. Jira has the form of a table with tasks that can be planned in time and it allows to assign specific tasks to team members. It is divided into four sections that show the progress of work. Each implemented project has its own table. Jira also offers, among others, the option of generating reports that help to optimize design work.

Chit with a idea drawing pinned into the board

Lean Kit

A tool similar to Jira. Lean Kit has a form of a task table that determines the organization of work. The project organizes running tasks in a form of special cards. Project team members can update the progress status of their work. There are options for reporting and exporting archived data.


Planbox allows you to monitor project progress by building a burndown chart. An ability to combine customers’ feedback is one of the best options here. The tool is characterized by a table improving the speed of project implementation and access to the reporting panel.


This is another tool that gives you the opportunity to control the progress of the project. Its advantage is a very friendly and easy to use interface. Trello has very flexible configuration options that allow you to customize the tool. In this software, you can create task checklists to make sure you have not forgotten anything.


It facilitates tracking project progress, working time, team cooperation and invoicing. Trigger has a slightly different interface than the previously presented tools. It enables communication between project participants as well as clients. Thanks to this, all work is fully transparent for the client.

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This tool allows you to collect all project files in one place. Of course, it includes as well such options as communication between project participants, invoicing and much more.

Our opinion

We have introduced some of the most popular Agile Tools, but there are more similar software available. Mostly often they differ in details, such as the interface or the scope of functionality. Their biggest advantage is the possibility of agile project management and effective team management.