Advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript

Why is JavaScript (JS) so popular and is widely used by developers? You will find the answer in an article below. We have collected all the pros and cons of JS, which in our opinion are the most important. One can get an impression that we’ve found more advantages to the JavaScript than drawbacks. What are we talking about? Check it out by yourself.


1. A huge community. You can easily find help or solutions from other people on online forums about JavaScript.

2. Global companies support community development by creating projects that are very important to it. A good example is Google (created Angular framework) or Facebook (created the React.js framework).

3. There are many open source projects that provide an invaluable help at the developer’s work in JavaScript.

4. There are many available courses in the field of JavaScript, thanks to which you can quickly and easily expand your knowledge of this programming language.

5. Dynamic development. The dynamic development of JavaScript, appreciated by many programmers, couldn’t be left unnoticed. Undoubtedly there are opponents to JS, but there are more developers evaluating this language positively.

6. Monopoly in web browsers. In principle, JS technology does not have any competition in this aspect. Browsers understand this language; thanks to which you can make any changes you require with JS.

7. Relatively low entry threshold. It is not difficult to start working in JavaScript. For this reason, many people choose to start their adventure with the IT sector from learning this language.

8. Popularity. Plenty of projects are created using JavaScript. This fact makes it currently one of the most popular programming languages. Such a tendency always has a good effect on the future development of the language.


1. No static typing. This may make it difficult to develop large applications, although you can also use the TypeScript overlay.

2. Tedious configuration. This applies to larger front-end projects. Configuration can be tedious due to the number of tools that need to work together to create an environment for such a project. This is directly related to the libraries operation.

3. Libraries. If the application depends on the code of many other projects (so-called libraries), then it is difficult to keep them in current versions as they quickly change and this may cause the need to adapt to the project.

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