10 rules on how to manage a remote team

Effective team management is the key to any manager’s success. If you create a team made up of competent and talented people, you have a better chance of achieving your goals. This is particularly important, when managing a remote team, but not only this one.

Why am I writing this? To show how management is changing within the years now and you can scale up the business and manage it without your presence at the office 24/7.

Coordinating many businesses, I have often faced a similar challenge. Through my 12 years of experience and based in different locations like Miami, London, Warsaw, Barcelona or now Milan, I have managed to gather knowledge that made the teams I cooperate very efficient. No matter what they were: multi-department team including logistic, accounting, IT, sales, marketing and customer service or just international business development, they managed to cope perfectly with any task. On this basis, I have developed 10 principles, which in my opinion are the most important in managing the team.

Remote team

1. Find common language in communication with an international team. It’s not just about speaking the language. It should be ensured that the way the team communicates is understandable and accessible to everyone.

2. Recruit your team by yourself and be involved in this process from the beginning. You should influence on what type of experience and character you can bring to the company. The common mistake is to leave it to the HR department. Why? You will work with these people on a daily basis, so you must be convinced that they are the right one.

3. Present your people with the exact goal you will strive for. They need to know, what you are aiming for together. Thanks to this, they will feel themselves an important part of the team.

4. Lead people and develop them. You should work together as a solid whole. It is a good habit to say “we” in communications. And remember to trust them with the given tasks. Doing this you will increase their commitment and creativity.

5. Do the daily 15 – minutes catch ups within the first 1-2 weeks to plan the workflow, tasks and challenges. It will help them to understand, how to execute tasks and prioritize them.

6. Do not forget about a weekly summary. I know it sounds obvious, but try to grab all the team and summarize the work done. It will help to set priority tasks for the next week.

7. Plan your agenda well. It is not easy to organize a working system if your co-workers are in a different time zones or another team has an actual focus on different priority. Still, it’s not impossible. Take your time to organize and analyze the best solutions and you will see that the effects won’t make you wait long.

8. Try to keep all the tasks simple. Avoid unnecessary complications. In this way you will save the time.

Team building

9. Work on efficiency. It is possible. How? Plan short meetings, schedule agendas and stick to them. You can also look for using some apps, which can help to manage it.

10. Socialize with people. It is always good to know your colleagues, their motivation and plans. Try to talk with them not only about the issues connected with the job. You will have a chance to eliminate the barrier and shorten the distance.

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