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We are Codest, a team making software in Ruby for companies all around the world.
Our designers and engineers have made a lot of apps for tech industry and other business branches.

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Do you want your idea to be best version of itself? Let us take a look at him and grind it up. Together, we will take it out of the garage onto the stock exchange.

Custom project

Custom project

How to change a single thought into finished product? It is possible. We braintstorm how to make your ideas as functional and effective as possible.


Outsourcing developers

Luckily, the distance is no longer a problem. Our developers can also remotely work for you, no matter where you run your business.

Case study

  • Industry: MITTMEDIA - Media company
  • Technology: RUBY + RAILS + POSTGRES + REDIS +AWS
  • Results: an automated system connecting Mittmedia’s DSPs and invoicing system
    fully automated campaign management process
"We turned to Yieldbird with a mission of creating a sales support application. Our goal was to get a convenient, user-friendly tool for selling ad campaigns without detailed technical knowledge. The platform created by Yieldbird fully answered our demand. Therefore, we recommend Yieldbird to anyone requiring a custom software solutions"
Magnus Söderlund,
Business Development Manager, Mittmedia
  • Industry: Agora Performance - Media company
  • Technology: Ruby + Rails + MongoDB + Postgres + Amazon EC2
  • Results: a full-fledged affiliate platform with a simple publisher-dedicated interface the system has a built-in admin panel wiures to seamlessly manage publishers, settlements, or campaigns; and an advertisers-dedicated subsystem designed to manage & collect clicks
"We are very satisfied and happy to have found Codest as our offshore development partner. During our relationship, Codest has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows and found a way to successfully complement our operations without causing any discontinuities or issues on our side."
Leszek Olszański
Head of Internet Products, Agora Performance
  • Industry: Gazeta Wyborcza - Digital news publisher
  • Results: easily developed user-friendly archives, increased sales of digital subscriptions, modernized archive technology
"The project is a powerful and functional tool for searching all archived articles by users. In just the 260 days of our cooperation with Codest, we managed to implement a fully integrated system that facilitates the archive management process, and enables to expand the Gazeta Wyborcza’s digital subscription offer."
Krzysztof Madejski
IT and Digital Director at Gazeta Wyborcza


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