Game of Thrones - Ruby on Rails

By Jakub Jakubowicz, 11 Aug 2016

Hello friends! There are people with different levels of experience contributing to our forums – and that’s great! But right now, I’m looking for true Ruby titans!

The team I’m working with has prepared a game for the real aces. Long story short: Cody wants to climb a tree and get down on a rollercoaster. However, there are some programming puzzles to solve on the way. And the further you’re in, the harder it gets…

Out of the people who complete the game until 13-09-2016, we will pick five who come up with the most interesting solutions. They will receive Amazon gift cards worth $24 each. I’m curious who will end up in the Fantastic Five. Maybe you know someone who could do it? If you do, be sure to send them the link!

Let’s play!

I’m looking forward to your impressions!

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Jakub Jakubowicz — Head of Space Station

Jakub's speciality is creating something out of nothing - both in Codest and in the kitchen. This world-class programming chef prepares the tastiest, healthiest and world class meals with his team.
He is also a lover of unplanned journeys with a backpack, playing squash and basketball.

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