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We are Codest, a team making software in Ruby for companies all around the world.
Our designers and engineers have made a lot of apps for tech industry and other business branches.

Workflow / methodology

An easy process from A to Z thanks to Agile

Close cooperation from idea to deployment & support

Communication is crucial for us

Our values: transparency, openness, honesty

Every time we sign NDA & contract agreement — for your safety

We integrate well with any system out there

Our projects

  • obrazek

    Reacher for MittMedia

    Adtech API-platform for publishers and ad-networks. Reacher connects client’s existing SSP, DSP, CRM & Invoicing system into one automated system in order to increase revenues and minimize internal costs.

    Ruby + Rails + Postgres + Redis + AWS

  • obrazek

    MKT360 for Stampen Media Group

    Tailor made, complete system for complex ad campaigns end-to-end management. A complete digital presence for small advertisers: display, social media and AdWords. All advertising geographically targeted.

    Ruby + Rails + MySQL + Redis + Amazon EC2

  • obrazek

    Agora Performance for Agora S.A.

    Full-featured and self-serve affiliate system. Automated complex business processes from partner registration and validation to money payout. Industry standard compliant statistics and reporting module.

    Ruby + Rails + MongoDB + Postgres + Amazon EC2

  • obrazek

    AdTaily Self-Service Ad Network

    First in Europe self-service advertising platform designed for ad space monetization for small publishers. Multiple selling channels – revolutionary self-adjusting widget, marketplace, sales interface. Buying ads directly on a publisher’s website within a few minutes.

    Ruby + Rails + MongoDB + MySQL + Redis + Amazon EC2

  • obrazek

    Sir Local — Lead Generation Platform for Appliance Repair Specialists

    Fully automated lead generation platform for appliance repair specialists. Functional and smart sefl-service interface for unexperienced Internet users. Built-in simple pre-paid account for easy settlement. Easy-to-scale architecture.

    Ruby + Rails + Amazon AWS + MySQL + Redis

  • obrazek

    Tailor made Smart TV app running smoothly across multiple devices.

    HBBTV + API + JavaScript + HTML5


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